The first step in any business venture is research. Researchhelp one create a strategy. And strategy determines how the venture will function. It guides the decision-making process.

A UX strategy is a plan-of-action to determine if the UX of a product is aligning with the business objectives. It is done in order to establish an understanding between designers and business goals.

It contains all guidelines that the designer aims to follow. In this process, it is important that each step of the strategy is researched and approved by all relevant stakeholders.

Many believe that UX strategy should be planned before the design or development of a digital product begins. It helps in forming a vision of a solution that further needs to be validated by potential customers to prove that it is desired in the marketplace.

UX design comprises of several details like visuals, content etc., so it is important to lay out a strategy to define each element.

The diagram below explains what is UX strategy-

But no matter how we define UX strategy, it boils down to why you need it and how you can implement it in your design.

Why you need a UX strategy?

To put it simply, UX Strategy is a Design Strategy that helps in defining every aspect of the project to all the stakeholders. This means there will be fewer misunderstandings, rework and wastage of resources during the design process.

Having a UX strategy in place is important because;

  1. To keep up with user behaviour. UX strategy can help in predicting user expectations and delivering suitable digital products.
  2. To align different product teams around a shared vision. This will help teams maintain consistency across all touchpoints, features, and devices so that the user always has connected, frictionless experiences.
  3. To ensure you have a plan in place. This will help is analysing your success and failures.

But first, you have to access if the product and brand fit the market, and if they move in sync with the market.

Now you must be wondering how to create a UX strategy. Here are the steps that can get you started.

1. Find out the challenges

The research is probably the most important but also the most variable step in a project. If projects are big, the research activity will be very complex. Many UX designers consider this phase a key to creating a good user experience.

The best way to organise the information is to create user profiles, environment profiles, concept mock-ups and synthesis.

Collecting and organising the ‘what’ can help your mind to understand the ‘why’ so that you can define your vision & determine the focus areas.

2. Plan a mission to approach the problems

In this step, you already have a rich source of data and you need to move on to create the architecture, where you will mix all your ideas together.

You can start by creating mock-ups and putting ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. It is an iterative step.

These ideas can then be moved onto interactive wireframes and prototypes. Here, the role of the UX designer shifts from creating and validating ideas to collaborating with developers to create a framework and sample version.

3. KPIs and measurements

In this step, once you launch your product, you need to track its real-world usage and monitor it so that there is a continuous improvement in the product. Here you can understand if your process will come to fruition or if your product needs to come back to the previous steps for some edits.


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