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Small Business


$999 per month


$1499 per month


$1999 per month
Dedicated hours
60 hours
80 hours
100 hours

‘Design Sprint’ Consultant

‘Design Sprint’ Consultant sets a stage for the entire Design Sprint journey. He/She picks the team and environment and selects proper tools and materials. When you hire user experience designer – he/she harmonizes the entire team to produce excellent results.

Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer

UX Expert

UX expert will be involved in the designing experiences of a product by using the principles of design and will aim at enhancing the user satisfaction by bridging the gap between user and the product. With us, you can easily hire user experience designer.

Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer

UI Designer

Crafts sleek, professional, aesthetically appealing designs in line with design guidelines and with implementation feasibility in mind.

Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer

QA Engineer

Ensures usability goals are met, and the delivered solution produces a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience.

Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer

Information Architect

Determines the way people will navigate and use the content through conceptual modeling, information system design, navigation and interaction scenario design.

No | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer
Yes | Hire user experience designer

Business Analyst

Сreates the foundation for complex business requirements through thorough research, feedback examination and analysis of use cases and business objectives.

Yes | Hire user experience designer
Price for additional hours
$12 /hour
$16 /hour
$18 /hour
Get Started

Get started now, tell us about your project, pick a team later

We know the hustle startups go through, there are no short cuts and its a long way to walk. Let’s collaborate, partner and run faster together to build the best

No presentation, no pitch, just a super close collaboration!

We love to be focused on strategies and design as well as do all the tech things for you.

Want to hire a user experience designer? We say let’s collaborate.

We at Artha Creative Studio are super good at a lot of things. But, we can only be so good for you if you tell us about your business. We don’t believe in working for you, but we believe in working with you. We want to talk, and discuss, clap, and argue or maybe even dine with you to get to know your business. With the combination of our creative designers and your business model, we can create wonders for you. With Artha Creative Studio, you won’t just get your work done but you will get a collaboration of ideas and the best possible user experience for your customers.

No pitching. Let’s work and see POCs!

We don’t pitch. Ever. We very strongly believe that a pitch is a terrible way to start a working relationship. Our relationships are built on super close collaboration and a pitch is the opposite of that. Let’s get rid of pitching and get to work by sitting together, simply discussing and throwing ideas, good or bad. Let’s create something that is exclusive. We will work with you to understand your needs, figure out the budget and bring together the right team when you hire user experience designer. This simply sets the project up for success.

Why should you hire our cross functional team?

You may have noticed that our approach is different. We experiment and try a new approach of design. And, we make sure we keep working with you until your website/ application reaches the final production. We believe that design is a continuous process so we make sure the UI/UX of your website or application keeps evolving along with your product.

We’ve got all sorts of creative specialists and user experience designers. This means we can dream bigger and bolder and weirder. It gives us room to experiment while we figure out what suits your business’ needs. We don’t limit ourselves by using the same approach with all our clients. That’s not the way to create really great work. We want to work with you to simply make your stuff stand out. With Artha Creative Studio, you will get a dedicated team when you hire a user experience designer. Yes, a cross-functional team solely focused on bringing innovative ideas to the table.

Frequently asked questions

We are always ready to answer your questions & clear all your doubts.

How does the free trial work?

Once you opt for the free prototype trial, we study your product and understand your challenges. Our super-ninja designers then get to work to create wire frames, visual designs, and an interactive prototype. You get to experience our unique design approach and process & if you like it, we suggest you to hire user experience designer.

How will you bill me?

We will bill you monthly. You can pay by credit/debit card or by net banking. You must pay at every start of the billing cycle. For e.g. you start your plan on 7th of any month, then you must do the next payment on 6th of the next month. When you hire user experience designer, we won’t ask you to sign any contracts other than our terms of service.

What is your Modus Operandi?

It’s a ‘Continuous improvement’ cycle. We test and do a UI/UX audit on your website using tools and usability tests. We then brainstorm ideas and solutions to solve the problems or ‘areas of improvement’. The final part is to create wireframes and PSD’s and keep on monitoring the implemented solutions to keep on evolving.

What is a ‘Billing Cycle’?

The billing cycle for the account is the period between billings. For example, a billing cycle may start on the 1st day of the month and end on the 30th day of the month. Or, it may go from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can cancel our service plan at the start of the billing cycle. Inform us that you want to stop the service and we will close the account. Please note that we cannot stop your plan in between the current billing cycle.

Do you have an auto-renewal system for payments?

No, currently we don’t have auto-renewal system for payments. But we will upgrade our system soon to an auto-renewal option.

Do you provide a customized plan?

Yes, if you think that our plan has not covered your entire requirements, we can design a customized plan for you. Get in touch with us on contact@artha.studio or call us on 77100 00854

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Of course! You can upgrade your account at any time.

Working with us is Super Simple

We collaborate and work closely to assure that business goals are met with every delivered solution.

Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

Step 1: Let's talk

Tell us about your ambition, project and business goals. We love to talk.

Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

Step 2: Hire us

Let’s work together to achieve your goals with the same ambition.

Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

Step 3: Pay Fair

Pay only for the hours of efforts the design team puts in. Simple and fair.

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