Your company’s website is the most important element of your digital strategy. Probably even more important than your social media presence on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

A website showcases all the information about your product, services, business and the team a. But more importantly, it lets your potential client get a clear understanding of how you’ve presented your business to the world. This might lead them to decide whether or not to contact you.

We live in a digital world and having an interactive and interesting website is the need of the day so that you and your prospects can effectively communicate with each other.

There still are many companies that have a web presence but are incredibly outdated. And just as fashion changes and house styles evolve, websites need to evolve too, if you company wants to have the best presence online.

Having outdated website will result into losing customers. Users only trust websites that have clear information and simple design. Thus, it is important you keep your website updated so that there is more traction and conversions.

Blue Fountain media conducted a survey on UX trends, and their stats are quite insightful into why an updated website plays the most important role in a business.

It is clear from the above statistics that website redesigning is necessary.

But how do you know if your website needs redesigning and what is the first thing you need to do in order to redesign?

Let us designers explain it to you.

Many say that you should be redesigning your website every three years to keep up with the trends, but we believe that you should think of redesigning only if there is a need.

To find out when is the right time to take up this project, you should gather data on the current user journey and map out everything.

Are your users bouncing or leaving your site without taking any action? This is when you need to analyze user behavior and find out the reason.

If your users are getting lost while exploring your website or if they aren’t easily able to find the relevant information, it would indicate that you need to redesign your website.  Below are a few reasons why you need to redesign your website.

Let’s dive into these considerations.

a) Your website is not user friendly& responsive –

It is 2019 and almost all your users have been using the web space for quite a while to expect fast loading speed, intuitive navigations and sleek design that clearly communicates your business offering. If that is not the case, they will leave your site.

One thing you need to remember is that the maximum number of your users use their mobile devices or tablets to browse your website and if your site is not optimized for these devices, they are definitely going to bounce off to never return.

Hence, having a user- friendly and responsive website is absolutely necessary.

b) It is not aligned as per current market goals –

For your company to grow and evolve, you always keep your sales and marketing strategies aligned with the current market trends. Similarly, when it comes to digital marketing, it is not uncommon to be in touch with the evolving digital trends. Especially your website and its various aspects.

Keeping your website aligned with your goals and the market trends can be a tough task, but it’s an essential piece of digital marketing success.

If your website is not working towards your specific goals i.e. increased traffic, conversions etc., it is surely the time for getting updated.

c) Website does not look trustworthy or credible –

Poor website designs can generate mistrust in the users’ minds. If your website is not well built, has an outdated design or content is placed haphazardly, it will come off as a sketchy and untrustworthy to your website visitors.

Around 48% of people believe website design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. Hence, your website design is the reason people are converting, or not converting on your website. 

If you think your old website is losing users and not generating enough conversions, this could be one of the reasons.

You might need to consider redesigning and making your website visually appealing so that it is trustworthy for your users as it is a key factor in your customer’s decision making.

d) Is not SEO friendly

Your website will not appear as top search result on Google or any other search engines if it is not optimized. If your website is old, it probably does not have appropriate tags, coding or meta-descriptions which is required by search engines algorithms- that only show results of sites which are optimized for SEO.

This means your site is missing out on thousands of free visitors. It also means that you need to get your site updated with relevant and effective SEO keywords and descriptions.

While you could spend months learning SEO to implement it, your best is option is most likely to use an experienced SEO company like Artha Creative Studio to work on your site’s SEO.

e) Has high bounce rate

If your website has been facing a high bounce rate, you should know that it is time to update it. Bounce rate can be viewed in Google Analytics where you can find out the percentage of visitors that only visit one page on your website.

Bounce rate can be about 40 – 55% on an average, which means that 40 -55 of every 100 visitors only visit a single page on your website.

If the visitor doesn’t have a positive experience while navigating you site, they may leave your site without visiting other page, causing a high bounce rate.

All these reasons could be a sign that you need to redesign your website. But to do so, you need to plan a strategy so that all the changes you want are incorporated and the end goals you want to achieve are met with.

Here is how you can strategize and plan the whole process.

Planning a strategy for redesigning the website

Once you analyze the user behavior on your website and arrive at a decision of redesigning, the first thing you need to do is plan the project, set priorities and plan end goals.

This is the most important step of redesigning. Knowing your users and their needs should always be the focus, so that your website matches their requirements and expectations.

After this, you must create prototypes to get a better understanding of how your new website needs to be, so that it matches all the requirements.

It can be done best by user testing. It will help in checking if the design you have is right and if it is working with the users. Always use data and feedback from users to create a user-friendly, easy and smooth journey for your user.

Here’s a checklist of all the main areas you need to cover when you plan on redesigning your website. Make sure to keep it handy.

  • Analyse what works and what doesn’t:  Use analytics to see what your visitors find valuable, and what they don’t. Use analytics to make smart decisions is a must.

What pages aren’t getting visited? What CTAs aren’t getting clicked? Gather these bits of information to help you make the important decisions about your new site’s design.

  • Establish clear goals: You need to set goals for how well your website works for SEO & marketing, not just how nice it looks or how flashy it is.

How to set goals?

  1. Clearly define what you want from your website redesigning efforts. Maybe you want to increase the number of visitors or get leads or increase the conversions through website. Put down the numbers.
  2. List down the specific design goals like -website should have a clean, modern look with ample white space or it should have bright colours and subtle animations etc.
  3. You can also list down any specific functionality that might get your user’s attention like – more CTAs, easy forms etc.
  • Know your users’ requirements: Before redesigning you have to know who you are designing for and what they like. Knowing the target audience helps you get a clear understanding of what you need to make.

Hence, first understand the requirements, preferences, browsing styles and key words that your target audience is using. All this information will help you in creating the best website that properly caters to their needs.

  • Check your competition: Knowing your competition and what they’re doing is a great way to understand where you are at in the market and how you could improve your website.

Try to understand why your competition is doing well, and what is it that they’re doing with their website that is lacking in your current website. This will give you an idea of how you could potentially do better in redesigning your website.

  • Review your website content: While you are thinking of redesigning, you might as well think of reviewing and rewriting your content. It is a commonly known fact that design and content work together.

One cannot sell itself without the other and both need to be updated regularly if you want your website to give you your desired results.  You can look up for best practices for user engagement  and plan new blogs, and when to publish them on your website.

One simple way to understand what content to put out there is by looking at what content is doing well and then using it as a template to plan future content and strategy.

  • Boost your site’s discovery with SEO: Obviously, you are planning on redesigning your website to boost your marketing and generate sales. But, for that to happen your site first needs to be discoverable by your prospective users.

This is where SEO comes into the picture. You can optimize your site for SEO in various ways like-

  1. Have really well-written page titles, meta- descriptions and permalinks for all the content on your website.
  2. Write content for readability. It should describe your product is an easy-to-understand manner. Also make sure you include headers and sub- headers everywhere.
  3. Target the right keywords on all landing pages.
  4. Check site loading time and try to make it as less as possible.
  • Make it responsive and mobile-friendly: Back in 2016 itself mobile browsing bypassed desktop browsing and has been increasing since then. All your users are on their mobile phones and tablets more than desktop while they check your website.

Therefore, your website needs to be responsive and mobile friendly so that it can reconfigure itself based on your user’s screen size and device. If your website is not optimized for mobile and other devices, your users might leave and look elsewhere.

Moreover, having a responsive design will also help boost your SEO as Google’s algorithm favours websites that have a responsive web-design for its mobile search results.

At Artha Creative Studio, you don’t have to worry about this as we only design responsive websites.

The process for good redesign website-

Following this process will lead to increase in conversion rates.

A survey by Google in 2012 found out that website visitors make their first impressions of a site’s attractiveness within 1/20th of a second. And “visually complex” sites were consistently interpreted as less beautiful.  Hence, simplifying your design can help keep your visitor focused on the content that matters.

At Artha Creative Studio, we have redesigned quite a few websites that have gone to do well for their respective businesses (you can check them out here). We follow a simple and minimalistic approach by using the Design Thinking strategy and Lean methodology.

If you think your website is facing any of the above-mentioned problems and needs a redesign you should definitely consider contacting us.


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