Designing a personal blog page.

Personal blogs are interesting to design. They have to describe the author’s taste and personality and also be user-friendly for readers to enjoy the bloggers views and endorse his ideas.


Our discussions with clients led us to discovering the following challenges.

  • Design should be clean and neat. It should be easy to read and engaging
  • Design should be responsive on all devices/screens
  • Design should encourage visitors to follow the personal or connect with the author/owner

User Journey

Trying to understand the user journey and preparing an action-plan is the first step.

userflow_showmedamani | Artha UX Design Company


Building wireframes to create well-performing and responsive designs.

showmedamani_wireframes | Artha UX Design Company


The plan was executed to create the following screens.

showmedamani_screen1 | Artha UX Design Company
showmedamani_screen2 | Artha UX Design Company
showmedamani_screen3 | Artha UX Design Company
showmedamani_screen4 | Artha UX Design Company

Working with us is Super Simple

We collaborate and work closely to assure that business goals are met with every delivered solution.

Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

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Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

Step 2: Hire us

Let’s work together to achieve your goals with the same ambition.

Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

Step 3: Pay Fair

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