UI UX design for a property discovery platform.

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Our discussions with clients led us to discovering the following challenges.

  • The website should make the user journey easy. User should be able to find what they are looking for easily
  • The information about the properties should be provided in a neat and organized manners. The details and insights should be clearly seen
  • The design should encourage users to place an enquiry for properties edmedicom.com
  • The design should allow agents to easily sign up, add properties and manage their own accounts

User Journey

Trying to understand the user journey and preparing an action-plan is the first step.

userflow_cre | Artha UX Design Company


Building wireframes to create well-performing and responsive designs.

cre_wireframes | Artha UX Design Company


The plan was executed to create the following screens.

cre_screen1 | Artha UX Design Company
cre_screen2 | Artha UX Design Company
cre_screen3 | Artha UX Design Company
cre_screen4 | Artha UX Design Company

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Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

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Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

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