Website re-design for a Business Intelligence Tool.

Re-designed website of an online Business intelligence tool for a UK based company that offers intelligence suit for all reporting, visualization and analytics. The system uses data from different sources and allows users to create, analyze and distribute information.


Our discussions with clients led us to discovering the following challenges.

  • The web applications should ease user journey and should encourage them to use the application to its complete potential
  • The Tracking of Activities and graphs should be intuitive
  • The application should show large dataset in a meaningful and discoverable manner
  • The application should have the experience of an intelligent system

User Journey

Trying to understand the user journey and preparing an action-plan is the first step.

userflow_bi | Artha UX Design Company


Building wireframes to create well-performing and responsive designs.

wireframe_bi | Artha UX Design Company


The plan was executed to create the following screens.

bi_screen2 | Artha UX Design Company

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Showmedmani Ux Design by Artha Creative Studio

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